Saturday, 19 July 2014

Correspondence Heritage Layout

I have all these old photos of my maternal grandfather who was born in 1905. There aren't a lot of photos of him as a young boy but a lot of him as a young man. I just love this photo of him relaxing in a garden chair in a suit.

I used the Correspondence Collection as a base for the background and paper stack. I added some coloured texture paste and sprayed some watered down gesso over the background. There is some of the wondrous Dodo Vine Wire in the background which is awesome to use. I love using Finnabair Vintage Trinkets- Gears too I couldn't not passed including them. 

I added some Postmark Washi Tape  with some other washi tape I had on hand, along with some wood veneer clocks which were inked with some of Ranger's crackle accent. 

This layout will most certainly be added to my family album.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Meg's Garden : Correspondence Card twist easel

I haven't done a twist easel card with acetate for a while and I thought some thing pretty and feminine was in order with the Correspondence collection. I love these laser cut frames and painted one with some bronze paints to match witht eh Copper paper leaves I was going to use. I liked those blue paper roses from one of my layouts so I used those with some White mini rosebuds and a Gardenia for my flower setting. I used the Copper paper leaves because they fit so well with the colours I have used already. The cameo in the centre of the frame is from Prima Market and the tea stained doily is from my own collection. However there are some wonderful paper doilies available on Meg's Garden web store.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Meg's Garden: Correspondence Card Vines and Flowers

I wanted to play with the Dodo wire some more and this card gave me the perfect opportunity.  I have fussy cut out one of the pages from the correspondence collection and inked the edges. I had a lot of difficulty working out what color card stock to use and in the end went with craft as it wasn't going to overshadow the flowers and butterflies. I painted my laser cut frame cream and using some off cut paper filler the inside of the frame. The dodo Vin wire I loosely wrapped around itself in the size I wanted and then wrapped flowers around the Dodo Vine Wire. The Transparency butterflies were glued to the vine wire with Helmar 450 glue and holds very well. I added a few of Finnabair's metal trinkets, Tim holtz mini gears and a Vintaj Diamond filigree charm in the background to create a bit of contrast against the ivory paper flowers and the oatmeal coloured flower. I added the turquoise rose flowers (bl paper) for a little colour pop. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Dyslexia Journey: Cellfield

Hello everyone. As I have posted on my blog about my experience with Irlens I thought I would talk about my experience with Cellfield, which is a remediation for Dyslexia.

At the beginning of July I went for a Cellfield assessment, the results of which showed I have certain issues with reading and comprehension. This is nothing out of the ordinary as I was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 2012, which was also not a surprise. 

After having little long term benefits from Irlens I looked at what else I could do in terms of neuroplasticity. Cellfield was recommended and I did some research in to the program. Like Irlen there were many who reported great improvement in their childs processing but there were the occasional case of there being no change to a child reading and comprehension. Finding information on adults who had done the program was not very fruitful, but I figured if it was being recommended to me then it is worth a try. I saw more benefit in try than just struggling and carrying on the way I have for 35 years. 

I really did not know what I was in for really, but my mind was put at ease and I dove right in. I did the program over five days with two, one hour session each day. The program is a visual and auditory base program with forces your brain to see passed the distraction or obstacles. In simple terms, I was looking at a screen that had dots appearing and disappearing and then either straight or waved bars tracking from one side of the screen to the other. Amongst all of this, I was directed to find words through the headphones I was wearing.
Added to all this I had to wear special glasses, some sessions one eye was patched others one eye has a red lens.

The first session was the hardest, mostly because there is no preparing yourself for the experience. I was really really tired and also famished (this is because I had burnt up a lot of brain fuel which is glucose). The rest of the sessions followed suit in terms of my coping, although by the 7th session I wasn't getting as exhausted after the sessions. What I did notice was about the 4th session I had noticed I wasn't using a process of elimination to find the words, but was actually looking for the word needed. Also I have used a decoding method for my B's and D's especially in lower case, which I noticed I wasn't having to use after the 4th or 5th session. There was an automation to my brain looking for a word I was directed to find.

Then we come to pigeon english. The most intensive section of the program for me was the pigeon english. At first I did ok as I was able to decode the pigeon sentence with little difficulty. By the 6th or 7th sessions I was reading the pigeon sentence like it was normal text, was freaked me out a little. Mostly because I was, at that point, very aware of the neuroplasticity that had taken effect.

The best part was the final session where I didn't get anything wrong.

Overall a grueling experience but well worth it. A nice little side effect is that since 2012 I have been wearing prescription specs, which I don't feel the need to wear any more. Also any visual symptoms I had with irlen Syndrome are not apparent any more. I go in for my post Cellfield assessment next week with the hope that there has been measurable improvement, but I feel there has been I just cannot articulate it apart from language connection being easier.

A Gentlemen collection

Hello all you crafty bloggers out there. 

I recently created The Gentlemen Collection for Meg's Garden.
I was looking for a grungy vintage masculine paper collection but I couldn't find what I was wanting, so I decided to create one. 

My grandfather who was born in 1905, and I have many old photos of him as a young man in the 1920'2 and 30's. I wanted a collection that would compliment the world around him in those times, where things weren't smooth and perfect, but ages and textured and had the weight of having been around for a long time. 


As there were no televisions in those days people would entertain themselves by writing letter or in journals and most of all travel. Whether it was over seas or a days trip somewhere, exploration was a large part of life back then for some. 

With these things being my inspiration and direction I looked at working with texture and the look of  aged paper. I found some wonderful masculine vintage graphics to include in the designs, the old Automobile is one of my favourites. 

I have also become rather enamored with element pages with small graphics that can been cut out and used in layouts and cards.  I went looking for some Cabinet Cards which were popular in the 1870 to add to the Ephemera page along with some other appropriate graphics. 


The collection can be found over at Meg's Garden HERE.

I hope you like the collection and have some fantastic ideas for using it. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Meg's Garden: Correspondence Card 14

Two colors that go really well with the Correspondence collection is orange and a greeny sage colour. This was why I used the Latte Heirloom 4cm flowers for the card with the Ivory Heirloom 6.5cm  flower with a few of the paper roses.  I loved the Cotton Lace but I wanted some thing to bring in some contrast which is why I use the Finnabair Vintage Trinket -Washer. I love those Tim Holtz Plaquettes with the number on it. with has been foam taped to the card just for some dimension. It's feminine, has flowers and lace, you need to have a couple butterflies (LOVE), the big one is from the Butterflies Tr015 sheet and the other is from the Tr004 sheet More New butterflies.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Traveling Man

I wanted to play with my paper collection Correspondence but in a more masculine way. 

This is my Great Uncle who at a young age in the early 1900 travelled by ship from South Africa to New York. I was lucky enough to find information in genealogy archives about his movement around the USA. 

So in this layout I have used the awesome cogs and gears from Meg's Garden, along with some of Finnabair's trinkets from Prima which I LOVE.  I added clock faces from Old World Time transparency and a hot air balloon , with a then a few Vintage Advertisements over a Vintage Map.

I hope you like this project and please feel free to leave a comment or question.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Marion Smith Mini book with Box

Some weeks back I posted a projected I had done using one of  Marion Smith's project printables.  When my Correspondence Collection came out through Meg's Garden I wanted to do the project again with some of the 12 in papers. 

I wanted to make this one a little more elaborate than the first. To achieve this I used some of the wonderful lace from the Meg's Garden store, as well as the Mini Rose Braid

I love using the paper roses and big red paper flower with the small paper rosebuds. Those vibrant leaves just set the floral arrangement off nicely. I added a few of the vintage brads and of course there needed to be a butterfly from the transparency sheets available at Meg's Garden. The latch also came from Meg's Garden and it was a tough choice considering the range.

I hope you like this project and please feel free to leave a comment or question.

Monday, 9 June 2014

A card made from the things on my desk

I had some time to kill one day and for once had no outstanding projects on my desk. As a result I assembled a card using what was within arms reach and in sight.

I found a butterflier from Meg's Gardens transparency collection under my craft mat and some brads and Paper roses lying around the desk. The laser cut frame was up on a shelf in front of me, which I painted and inked. The Meadow flower and leaves was on the same shelf. I had a couple sheets of Meg's Garden Damask Garden collection lying around as well. 

Now I just need to find someone to give it too.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

CSI Case File No.126

Hi bloggers
"Meg's Garden" is sponsoring this month an awesome package
over at  CSI
This is a wonderful challenge site
designed and owned by Debbi Tehrani.

Some of us on the Meg's Garden Design Team members are Special Detectives
this month
and they have created some
wonderful projects using the latest release papers.

Here is my challenge contribution 

For the layout I used two 12 inch papers from the Correspondence collection as the base. My Evidence was Flowers and Leaves of course and though it would be another great opportunity to use the colouring flowers technique. The paper roses, Azaleas, Gardenias, Meadow flowers, as well as the fabric Ivory Heirloom, were all coloured using the watered down acrylic paint in reusable spray bottles.

I am not the best at journaling so used the "Invite" option in the Testimony of the challenge, which lists the name of the bride and the bridegroom the date of the wedding and where it was held. I am very happy with the result too.


Take a look at the lovely prize donated by Meg's Garden this month, 

"The Correspondence Collection".

This is an exciting & unique collection from a new Designer - Kerry-Jean Watson. The Collection is made up of 6 papers 12x12” with a 4x12” strip; a cut & create ephemera sheet along with a mini pack of the 12x12” papers reduced to 145mm square – these are ideal for cardmakers. They lend themselves to so many papercraft styles. From shabby chic with laces, flowers & ribbons to steampunk with cogs & distressing. Not only that, they make fab backgrounds; you can tear & create strips as an addition to a project; perfect for heritage work.

Take a closer look at the papers here at Meg's Garden Website.

Take a look at the CSI site for many more wonderful inspirational layouts.

During this month the Design Team will
showcase their projects on Meg's Garden blog and 
on their own personal blogs.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Meg's Garden:Correspondence Card Lace and butterflies

A twist easel card with that vintage cottage feel and butterflies to boot. What more could you ask for? I loved making this cards. I used crackle medium on the Mini Laser Cut Frame and then inked the edges for age it alittle. The flowers are the new Silk and Organza Primula and Paper roses, the leaves are the gorgeous Copper leaves-small.  Again I used the Cotton Lace behind the frames just to break up the background.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Meg's Garden : Correspondence Card Men

A masculine card from the "Correspondence" collection, using some Tim Holtz metal embellishments. Firstly the Mini Gears, there are a couple Pen Nibs and the Ornate Plates.  I love using the transparency clock faces from Old World Time Transparency.

Meg's Garden: Correspondence Card Know in your Heart

I love using the new collection "Correspondence" for cards. Especially with the Butterfly Oval Laser cut frames which I coated in bronze embossing powder and the ever so pretty Gardenia flowers and paper Roses. The leaves are those delicate skeletal leaves which are quite stunning with these papers. I wanted to use the Sage Burlap ribbon to just break up the background and to add some more texture to the card. I just love those Tim Holtz Word Bands which fitted really well. I was going to add some butterflies however I went with the White and Grey Pearl Vintage Brads.  The paper doilly is one of my own however there are some wonderful ones over on the Meg's Garden Store.