Thursday, 6 November 2014

Christmas cards

A friend contacted me asking for some Christmas cards. As I had been ill for a few months, I was unsure if I could get them made in time. Luckily enough I had some good days and got them finished will with in the expected time. Friend was really happy with the final outcome.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My New Coloured Filters

Colorimeter vs Irlen Method. 

New Colorimeter Filters 
When looking into Irlen Syndrome I did a bit of research on it all before I went for my screening last year. I came across Irlen filters offered through a Irlen Diagnostician and also Intuitive Colorimeter which seemed to be done through an optometrist. It was hard to find testimonials but I did find one pages saying Intuitive Colorimeter was a much more inferior process to the Irlen Method and at the time I didn't pay much attention to the site I was reading this information from. It wasn't until I had issues with my last pair of Irlen Spectral Filters that stopped working after a month and then proceeded to give me an excruciating headache through the left side of my head as a result I stopped wearing my Irlen Spectral Filters all together. 

My First pair of Irlen Spectral Filters the morning I got them before an Exam

The pair of Irlen Spectral Filters that should never have been

The last Irlen Spectral Filters that stopped working after 4 weeks
 I then went and did the Cellfield remediation and for a few months after that I had no need for any filters at all. I noticed though that I was experiencing the same symptoms and sensitivity to lighting like I used to before my Irlen Spectral Filters. I then looked in to Intuitive Colorimeter again as I had been referred to a Behavioural Optometrist here in Adelaide. It was then that I realised that the original sight I read saying that Intuitive Colorimeter was an inferior process to the Irlen Method was actually an Irlen site and the content has since been taken down. I dug further and found some wonderful testimonies about the outcomes of using colourimeter filters. I also read much of the research and studies done into Meares-Irlen Syndrome and the development of Intuitive Colorimeter

I took the plunge and am very happy with the outcome. 

I've had my new Colorimeter filters for 6 weeks and they are good! Glad I didn't throw in the towel entirely after my experience with the Irlen Method. The best part for me is knowing I have a 3 month warranty with these filters, meaning that if for ANY reason I feel they are not working quite right, I can go back and have the color changed at no charge. And not be told it was because of my chiropractic adjustment that the filters stopped working after a month, because one other client had that happen, and be charged $400. 

Another great thing with Colorimeter was the selection process was much more efficient and no where as fatiguing as the Irlen Method. Also I got my filters in a week rather than waiting 4 weeks. 

What did shock me is the closed mindedness of the Irlen "industry" out there, who feel that the ONLY way to successfully treat visual stress is exclusively with Irlen filters, cost to the families be damned. And who ignored and disregarded the science and success of Colourimeter to those who went in that direction. It just sickens me. What I did notice on many of those support groups though, many parents writing in saying their child won't wear their Irlen Spectral Filters because they can't see right, or they make them sick, or they get headaches. These parents are then told their child didn't listen when making their selection or that their child has had a colour shift and needs new glasses. I was so hounded about my suggestion to some of these parents to look into Colourimeter that I left the facebook groups that I decided to leave this support groups on Facebook. Then we have other groups that hound and berate those that even suggest the idea of coloured filters to help children and people with reading issues and dyslexia because of the "official" classification of dyslexia and there being no official research or classification for visual stress. It is just so sad that this happens, when something like this may actually help a child or even adult cope better in life and help them function better.

My advise is do you research go and see various practitioners and ask questions. What works for me, may very well not work for you, but you won't know if you don't research it. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Terrariums and broken pot gardens... 10 months on.

Hello readers.

At the end of last year I started getting back in to gardening and created a few broken pot gardens and terrariums. It was loads of fun and now 10 months on the out come is wonderful.

Over the last 10 months some plants dies which I swapped out for new plants with would lasted better in the pot conditions.

You might be able to see some small while little man which are kodama's (from Princess Mononoke) which I created from Glow-in-the-dark Sculpey.

This was taken Boxing day 2013, the day I made this broken pot garden

This one was taken today.

This was taken boxing day 2013 when I made this one

This is the same pot today.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The 2015 Sherlock Planner by Watson

Hello creative creatures. I have my official first project for The Sherlock Book by Watson to show you. 
I wanted to make a planner for 2015 and I thought The Sherlock Book would be a great thing to use. I wanted a sturdy cover so I bought a file folder and cut it down to size. This was then covered with a strong craft paper and covered with the kit's cover and then sealed with a varnish. From there I added some Tim Holtz Corners and a bookplate and also one of Meg's lovely Lions Head door knocker charms

The inside of the book was a bit tricky as I wanted a lot of pages for the planner.  I ended up having double the pages. This gave me around 36 pages to have in my planner. 12 were turned into a calendar and the rest were added the the divided sections. The back of the pages (because this was a printed kit rather than the download) I inked misted and splodge to add some distressing. 

The ephemera I added here and there to the sections of the planner to later use which they are held in with paper clips. I also used some extra ephemera from the Vintage Ephemera Packs

The closure of the book is really simple, two islet holes on the front and back cover and some twine attached which just get tied together when the planner is in my bag. 

Here is a video of a flick through of the planner. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

A Birthday Card For a Sister

I made a card for a friends sister. It was well received. 

This was a very simple care and I used Prima's Cartographer collection which I haven't used yet. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Gentlemen Mini Album

Hello there crafters. Todaying I am sharing my next project for Meg's Garden. 

I created a mini album using The Gentlemen Collection I design from Meg's Garden. I have been itching to do another mini album but didn't have anything to put in it, until I realised I have a lot of pictures of my archery adventures. This is now my archery brag book. 

There is a youtube video at the end of the blog post which shows the construction and completed project in it. 

I used the Kathy Orta Hidden Hinge mini album method which I really like as you can create so many pockets and interactive pages. 

Inside the front and back covers I created pockets for extra photos and cabinet cards.
Two of the pockets in the mini album were created to hold small booklets for journalling as well, there you will see when you watch the video below.

Other Products
various washi tape
Tim Holtz metal books corners

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment or question.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Meg's Garden: Correspondence mens cards

Hi there crafters! I have some more cards I made using The Correspondence collection

I first create a lot of feminine cards with The Correspondence, but this time I went for a more masculine feel. 

The Correspondence papers are obviously from Meg's Garden as are the small metal gear charms, which I just love using. I also used a hot air balloon from the Around the World in a Balloon from the collage papers.  The chippies are from Prima, Kaisercraft. The gear frame and brick wall on the next cards I cannot recall. (anyone that recognises it please leave a comment and remind me who creates it, thanks)
The next card uses some of the same items as the first.

This next card was just a throw together of some of the things lying around on my desk. I do this sometimes as a bit of a challenge to myself, of just being able to use what I have at hand. 

Again I have used The Correspondence collection and some of Meg's mini Backgournd papers and also a clock face from Old World Time transparency.  The wood veneers are from Kaisercraft and Creative Embellishments 

I would love to hear what you think of these projects.
Happy Crafting!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Watson Grandparents

Hi there creative readers!

I was looking through my layouts from the last year and realised I didn't have many of the paternal grandparents, which is a little odd as i was closer to the than I was my maternal grandparents purely through geography.

Here we have Peggy and Ryan Watson. Sadly Peggy passed away 20 years ago the night before my mother and I left South Africa. Ryan passed away a while later. I spent a lot of time with these grandparents as they live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We would have Sunday roast at their place most weekends. Ryan was a hobbyist photographer and Peggy made various things from knitting to sewing and making my barbie clothes.

For my layout of this particular photo of them I have used Marion Smith's Nirvana Collection which I got from Meg's Garden. I did a bit of senceling and misting of the background too. I love the cut & create pages from Marion which I have used in this layout.

I hope you like and please leave a comment or any questions

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Custom card

Hello readers!

So a few weeks back I get a call from a family member at about 7pm while I was at work. Work was hectic so I didn't answer but sent a txt a little later on asking if everything was ok. 

Family member wanted an urgent birthday card for a friend. Phew! 

So I made this for his friend. 

What can I say I love using butterflies as much as I do gears and cogs.

Please feel free to leave a comment or a question.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, 25 August 2014

4in strip book with Back to Back binding

So a few months ago I was going through my scrap paper and found I have a large amount of 4 inch strips as I had been doing a fair amount of work in 8 inches. I was about to finish my last photo journal and started working on a way to use up all these strips of paper.  From watching many craft videos on binding methods I opted for what I call a back to back binding method. There is a youtube video at the end of this post where I show the basic construction of one of these books.

I have four of these books now all ready and waiting for photos to go in them. I might even give a few away as presents.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Photo Journal #2

Hi Crafters

Back in March I showed you my first coptic stitch bound photo journal which I was very proud of and really enjoyed the entire project from making the book to filling it and completing it. I had to do it all over again only this time I wanted to make it bigger. Little did I know HOW MUCH BIGGER it would be.

Here is a video of me talking about the project and going through the second photo journal.

I hope you have enjoyed this and are inspired to maybe give it a try your self.

Leave a comment or any questions.